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From: Christopher Westra

Dear Friend,

Here is your chance to make a Meta-Decision that will bolster your life in positive ways for YEARS to come! Poems are rhythmic (like music) and enter your mind and subconscious more easily than simple written statements.

These poems captivate your subconscious mind and command your internal focus and energy. You'll get your new poem below (and every week) to align your spirit with wealth!

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Read these poems out loud. You give the words power and "authority" as you put them in your own voice! These poems RESONATE with your body, literally increasing your prosperity vibrations, and your beliefs about wealth.

Richard Webb PicChris Westra's Prosperity Poems are powerful and memorable!

They are great for putting up on the wall or in a notebook to refer to on a regular basis!

They will put you in the right mood and help you get back on track fast!

Richard Webb
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Watch the 57 second video below, from Chris Cade, Founder of The Miracles Store.

When Chris and I talked on the phone, he kept calling my poems "Prosperity Prayers". I thought about that afterwards and they really are a form of prayer. Enroll in your own weekly Power Prosperity Prayers (Poems) by entering your email above. You'll get a new one right now.

You can find out more about Chris and his Miracles Store below:

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"The Very Best Thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of YOURSELF.

The purpose of nature is the advancement and unfoldment of life."

Wallace Wattles

These Prosperity Poems will help YOU guide and focus your thoughts so that you spring into success. Your inner development will be reflected in your outer physical world.

Shift your thinking in order to CREATE your exterior world. For all of us, this is essential for our growth and our lessons while in this dimension.

The better your abilities at creating reality, the better you are able to learn, solve problems, create abundance, build joyful relationships, and help others.

Launch Yourself Into a New Level

Launch yourself into a completely new level of prosperity with Prosperity Poems. Remember, the internal change leads to the outward change (the crystallization of your "pattern" into physical reality).

The external change will not happen overnight. That's why YOU need an ongoing plan (a Meta-Decision, as explained below).

The Prosperity Poems Premium subscription will deliver to you one poem weekly - to keep replacing ineffective beliefs with powerful beliefs! You'll want to get subscribed in order to reap these benefits.

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Make a Meta-Decision

Make a meta-decision now! What is a meta-decision?

A meta-decision is a decision that radically alters the course of your life because the effects go beyond the day the decision is made. Meta-decisions will influence your life for months and years, not just the next 20 minutes. Meta-decisions require commitment.

I'll give you some examples.

Deciding to read to my boys one time is a decision. When I made a decision that I would read to my boys every workday from 7:40 to 8:00, that was a Meta-Decision!

Choosing to work out once is a great choice. Deciding to become a Black Belt in the Martial Arts was a Meta-Decision.

Building a sandpile is a nice project. Deciding to build my own home was a Meta-Decision.

Deciding to write an article is a fun way to spend an hour. Committing to build my own online business was a Meta-Decision.

Review your life for impactful decisions which really improved your happiness and well being, and then start committing to more meta-decisions.

Reading one article or poem about wealth is a decision. Committing to receive and read four poems a month (changing your beliefs about wealth) is a Meta-Decision that will skyrocket your success and prosperity.

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Transform Your Intentions Into Realities

Unlock the tremendous possibilities you have! Shift your beliefs until they vibrate with your dreams.

You can transform your intentions into powerful new realities. These prosperity poems can unlock those powers.

Thea Westra PictureI love receiving this positive poetry, imbibed with added benefits of the expression of emotion, deep feelings and beautiful aesthetics.

It makes the life lessons much more meaningful and delivers them on a more personal level.

With each poem, you'll appreciate how readily you extract its essential meanings and the most important aspects of Christopher's personal development lessons.

Thea at Forward Steps

Change Your Thinking

These poems will change your thinking. Thought is the only power which can product tangible riches! Those words are from Wallace Wattles, the author of The Science of Getting Rich.

Thought Power Wallace Wattles

Noctis EnochThese are really enlivening and positive messages. I feel an upliftment in energy and mood reading this. Really effective in resonating with prosperity frequency. A breath of fresh air!

Noctis Enoch
Founder of

Here is an example

Now My Wealth is here

Christine Esplin imageThese poems are a great encouragement towards learning in a more individualistic, simple yet detailed way. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to understand more about prosperity.

Christine Esplin

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3. I use my time and mental energy to create these poems, and I deserve to be compensated for the value I give to you.

4. You'll be harnessing the magnetic reciprocal power of the universe! What you send out will be returned unto you. That's the law.

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Eric RafdalChristopher has been a friend of mine for many years now, and so I know first hand the superior level of care, devotion, attention to detail and integrity that he gives to everything that he does.

You can be assured that anything Christopher writes is genuine and comes straight from the heart.

Eric Rafdal
Founder of